Hello everyone I’m Paul Matthew Carr and I’d like to tell you about a brand new podcast all about the wonderful series Doctor Who…because c’mon, there aren’t nearly enough of those around and one more can’t hurt.

I’ve been a fan of this show for nearly forty years…hard to believe but it’s true. And I’ve loved it from the first day I saw it. It’s had its ups and downs, its wobbly scenery, its wilderness years, its rejuvenations and reimaginings – but through it all it has always remained innovative, imaginative and just damned entertaining.

So join me won’t you? As I explore – story by story – both classic and contemporary the series I have adored and that has been a big part of my life since I was nine years old – we’ll examine the episodes, the artists and the time that it was made to really find out what makes this show great.

The Definite Article – a Doctor Who Podcast with me, Paul Matthew Carr. Trust me; it’s bigger on the inside.
We’re available on iTunes, Sticher and Google Play. Also online at: definitearticlepodcast.com

By the way it’s a requirement to say the “bigger on the inside thing” when talking about doctor who…it’s a rule, no way around it.