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About Paul Matthew Carr

Paul is a writer, artist and designer. He spends an inordinate amount of time on the Internet blogging about silly things and even more time making things up and then attempting to convince people they are proper stories. He also talks into microphones from time to time.

Collected Edition: Bonus Episode: Thoughts on Denny O’Neil

Today on the program we’re going to do a quick, short episode to talk about a sad topic – and that is the recent death of comic book icon – Denny O’Neil. Denny O’Neil passed away recently at the age of 81. His contributions to comics are immense – and that is not an understatement. Denny O’Neil [...]

Collected Edition: Episode 57: Doom Patrol

A listener request! Today on the program we will be discussing Doom Patrol: The Painting That Ate Paris written by Grant Morrison with art by Richard Case. This is our second listener request, this one was requested by Herman Louw of the Into the Weird and Longbox of Darkness podcasts – go listen to them [...]

Close Your Eyes & Make a Wish: Birthday Thoughts

I’ve always enjoyed getting older. That may come as a surprise to some. It’s not the norm. The standard response when asked if your birthday is coming up is something along the lines of: I don’t want to discuss it or don’t remind me. Or an arbitrary number will be chosen to designate perpetual youth. [...]

BONUS: The Nexus of All Realities: The Super Hero Squad

Hello everyone and welcome to the Nexus of All Realities – a Man-Thing podcast! This will not be a "proper" episode just a little bonus content while I do some preparation to resume the show with new episodes coming very soon. But what I’m going to do today is talk about Man-Thing’s appearance in one [...]

Word After Word: Episode 8: Quarantine Recommendations

We've been gone for a while but now we are back to possibly help you out in a time of uncertainty. We are currently deep into quarantine and it looks as if we are in store for at least another month, possibly more - and as many people at this point may be getting to [...]

Six Songs Called Isolation: A Lonely Playlist

The theme on the website this month is isolation so we have put together a list of 6 songs on that theme. Now there are many, many, many (manymanymany) many songs about loneliness, being alone, separation, etc. that we could have chosen for this list but we decided to go with only the ones that [...]

Collected Edition: Episode 56: The Kree Skrull War

Today on the program we will be discussing the Avengers classic and highly influential epic space adventure The Kree Skrull War. This is 70s comics at its crazy, goofy best. Plus there's a smattering of political and social commentary for good measure. Written by written by Roy Thomas, with art by Sal and John Buscema [...]

My Life in 2020 so Far (Or What a Clusterf*ck)

So…2020 has been a clusterfuck so far, huh? Before I continue I feel I should point out that when I first contemplated writing this post I had conceived of it as being an eloquent, lyrical, almost poetic treatise on expectation vs reality. I had the notion of reaching rhetorical heights that were both moving and [...]